This plant is originally from Peru and high regions of Ecuador, Bolivia and Argentina. This food is an incredible source of proteins and special amino acids. The quantities it provides are as high as those of quinoa and it can cover all the protein necessities that the body needs daily. The kichiwa has the following benefits:
• Calcium absorption, helping in the recovery after surgeries or sport injuries, apart from favouring the hormone, enzymes and antibodies production.
• It helps to decrease significantly the level of cholesterol in the blood.
• It favours the mental development and stimulates the liberation of the growing hormone and that is why it is advisable to consume it since childhood.
• The phosphorus is another component. This compound takes part in humans’ vital functions, and it is, therefore, considered essential. The phosphorus is in charge of stocking up and transporting energy in our organism. Its absence or little consumption can produce fatigue and the loss of concentration. Among other elements, we can find iron and vitamins A and C, which makes kiwicha one of the foods with higher nutritive content.

•Scientific Name: Amaranthus caudatus

• Type:   Conventional and Organic

• Presentations:    Sacks of 25 Kg (55 Lb)

• Pack:    Kraff paper bags 3 layers.

• Availability:    All year round

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