White Quinoa


Nowadays, white quinoa is what we generally find on the market, it´s the one with a more subtle flavour, containing fewer calories than the rest and having more fibre than the red one. Therefore it enhances the health of the digestive system, controls sugar levels in blood and gives the sensation of satiety. It is rich in proteins, which helps to burn fat, strengthening muscles and tissues. White quinoa contains high level of essential amino acids, with a highlight on lysine, which is a basic nutrient for the development of the neurologic system, especially for children. It has high levels of calcium, vitamins, minerals, phosphorus and it is gluten free.

•Scientific Name:    Chenopodium Quinoa

• Type:    Organic and conventional

• Presentations:    Sacks of 25 Kg (55 Lb)

• Pack:    Kraff paper bags 3 layers.

• Availability:    All year.

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